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Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Honeydew Blackcurrant Ice)

Dr Frost Honeydew Blackcurrant E-Liquid, Sweet and ripe honeydew melon breaks out into a cluster of juicy blackcurrants with a frosty ice finish

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Watermelon Ice)

Blending juicy seedless watermelon chunks with a handful of big ice cubes, Watermelon Ice by Dr. Frost is the tastiest frozen watermelon concoction that you'll ever vape. Refreshing? That doesn't even begin to describe the experience of vaping this juice.

Dr Frost Short Fill 100ml 0mg (Candy Cane Bubblegum)

Are you in the mood for something a little different from your usual fruity bubblegum e-liquids? Bubblegum Candy Cane by Dr. Frost combines a classic bubblegum flavour with cool, smooth spearmint.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Candy Cane, Raspberry)

The perfect raspberry candy cane treat. A delicious blend of traditional American candy with the fresh taste of raspberry.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Remedy)

That’s right — you can finally find an e-liquid capturing the flavour of the cough syrup that your parents relied on when you were a child. Delivering the flavour of strawberry cough syrup, Remedy by Dr. Frost won’t make you feel better when you have a cough, but it’s definitely tasty.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Honeydew Blackcurrant)

Is it a mentholated blackcurrant throat drop or just a deliciously cool blackcurrant-melon candy? Whatever your impression of the flavour profile, Honeydew Blackcurrant by Dr. Frost is guaranteed to please blackcurrant lovers!

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Blue Raspberry Milkshake)

Tear the house down with Dr Frosts latest creation, a lip smacking blend of sweet and sour blue raspberry served up over the recommended dose of ice!

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Strawberry Milkshake)

We're always ready for a tasty strawberry milkshake -- aren't you? Strawberry Milkshake by Frosty Shakes is a milkshake made the slow, traditional way -- with plenty of ice cream, strawberries and milk. You'll also detect a bit of menthol on the finish of this delicious vape juice.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Strawberry Ice)

Made from delicious strawberries picked at the peak of ripeness, crushed down to juice and frozen into ice pops, Strawberry Ice by Dr. Frost is your new favourite frozen e-liquid treat.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Energy Ice)

When Dr Frost needs to get energized he makes a sweet slushy of ice cold energy drink!

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Banana Milkshake)

How do you like your banana milkshakes? If you ask us, it's pointless to make a banana milkshake masquerade as a smoothie when you can make it a real dessert instead. Banana Milkshake by Frosty Shakes has the bold banana flavour that you crave, and it's topped with plenty of whipped cream.

Dr Frost Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Apple & Cranberry Ice)

Dr Frost is at it again, mixing the freshest of juicy fruits with his signature frozen blast, this combo of sharp cranberries and sweet green apples is one of his best juices!