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Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Blue Slushie Ice)

Blue Slushie 100ml e-liquid by Keep it 100 ejuice is everyone's favorite beverage, a blue raspberry iced slushie drink with just a dash of strawberry. Keep It 100 Blue Slushie is the ultimate vape juice for those who have a serious sweet tooth and a knack for blue raspberry candied flavors.

Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Apple Cider Donut)

You read that title correctly, the taste experts at Keep it 100 has given us a delightful flavor of Apple Cider Donut. Although it might sound strange at first, these two flavor profiles work together perfectly in unison to please your taste buds. The apple cider will provide a vibrant and unique twist while the dense and sweet doughnut acts as the perfect base to compliment the vaping experience. If you are a dessert lover who enjoys a dense and rewarding ejuice, Apple Cider Donut is for you. It will satisfy your taste receptors beyond belief every time you take a puff.

Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Milk Nilla Almond)

Keep It 100 Almond Milk is the flavor of a smooth creamy sweet vanilla almond milk. This refreshing flavor will quench your thirst in a matter of seconds with the mouth watering taste of creamy vanilla almond milk.

Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Krunchy Squares)

Krunchy Squares by Keep it 100 vape juice is an accurate approximation of everyone's favorite cinnamon coated cereal soaked in milk before it gets too soggy.

Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Milk Strawberry)

Strawberry Milk by Keep It 100 ejuice is the definition of a summertime vape, with the refreshing flavor of full-bodied strawberry milkshake with the perfect balance between fruit and cream.

Keep It 100 Shortfill 100ml 0mg (Mallow Man)

Say hello to your new favorite dessert vape juice flavor. Mallow Man by Keep it 100 ejuice is not something you would normally eat, but this flavor combination is fantastic! Imagine opening your oven and pulling out a batch of soft sugar cookies with melted marshmallows flowing over the sides. Now bottle that image and you have Mallow Man ejuice.