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Trump-It Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Beauty Queen Melonia)

The greatest compliment to my first lady – she’s not actually my first, it’s just her job description. America First. Notes of Strawberry & Raspberry accompany a powerful and sweet Watermelon in a blend that’s 100% classy.

Trump-It Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Grab ’em By The Peach)

A beautifully crafted Peach e-liquid with hints of orange, lemon and strawberry in a blend that’s packed with flavour. These juicy peach clouds will keep you coming back all day long all day, I promise. America First. Let me tell you.

Trump-It Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Banana Republik)

I don’t know Poot’n. I’ve never met Poot’n. I’ve never been to Russia. Maybe once. Let me tell you. I created this unbelievable e-liquid to help build a bond with Mr Poot’n – this one’s for you, Vladimir.

Trump-It Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Make America Grape Again)

This is your moment, your opportunity to Make America Grape Again! and we can do this together. With a smooth, grape-flavour packed e-liquid that offers a great vape, so great, big clouds and a smooth base.

Trump-It Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Bigly Berry)

Crammed with Raspberry, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum, this blend is a truly delicious e-liquid that gives flavour so bigly. I love berries, let me tell you. They’re my favourite. That’s not fake. That’s real, so great. Berries First.