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IJoy 21700 Battery

The IJOY 21700 High Drain Rechargeable Battery comes with a 3750mAh battery capacity and 40A max continuous discharging current. It can be used with the most 21700 regulated and mechanical MODs. Long storage life, light weight and high energy density. Get it as a spare so you never have to stop vaping!  

Samsung 30Q 18650 3000mAh Battery

Genuine Samsung 30Q cells are are some of the best cells when it comes to a combination of high power and high capacity! They are rated for 15A continuous current and a capacity of 3,000 mAh!

Samsung 30T 21700 Battery

Always use a battery charger that is rated for Li-ion cells Batteries should never be left charging unattended Batteries should never be loose in pocket or bag (use case provided) All lithium batteries have a cycle-life, however, a battery should be replaced every 2 years – whichever comes first. Never continue to use a battery with a broken PVC wrap. Never completely discharge batteries Do not expose to extreme heat

Sony VTC5A 18650 2500mAh Battery

• Brand: Sony Energy • Model: VTC5A (US18650VTC6) • Size: 18650 • Chemistry: NMC • Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh • Nominal

Efest IMR 18650 Twin Battery Pack

Two pack of Efest IMR 20700 rechargeable high-drain 3000mAh vape batteries. RoHS, CE, MSDS and UL certified. 3.7volts. Maximum Discharge Current : 30 Amps, Chemistry: Lithium Manganese (Li-Mn)

Samsung 25r 18650 Battery

Flat top 20A and features 2500mAh capacity.

Sony VTC5 18650 2500mAh Battery


Sony VTC5 2500mAh 18650 is a fantastic 25A Battery!