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Nasty Bar DX2 Disposable Vape Device

This is Nasty Bar, a new line of disposable vapes from one of the industries leaders in e-liquids Nasty Juice.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Watermelon Ice)

Nasty Liq Watermelon Ice delivers chunks of crisp and juicy watermelon chilled to perfection. Deliciously sweet and fruity with a revitalising coolness on the exhale.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Tobacco Menthol)

Nasty Liq Tobacco Menthol is one for tobacco connoisseurs, an earthy blend of roasted tobacco and cooling menthol. Enjoy robust tobacco flavour with a hint of mint and a cool exhale.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Strawberry Raspberry)

Nasty Liq Strawberry Raspberry is a delicious mix of summer strawberries and juicy raspberries. Enjoy a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy berry fruit throughout.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Rainbow Candy)

Nasty Liq Rainbow Candy delivers a burst of fruit flavour in a lip-smacking sugar candy coating. Distinctive sweet and sour fruit notes envelop your senses and are rounded off with delicious candy.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Pink Lemonade)

Nasty Liq Pink Lemonade is the perfect all-day refreshment, a lively blend of mixed berries and bright lemonade. Tantalise your tastebuds with this classic flavour.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Cherry Ice)

Nasty Liq Cherry Ice delivers a tasty cherry vape that is bold and refreshing. Juicy cherry notes are present throughout and gently cooled off with an icy hit of menthol.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Blue Raspberry)

Nasty Liq Blue Raspberry melds plump blueberries brimming with distinctive sweetness and juicy raspberries that deliver a tantalising sour note. This is a flavoursome berry vape that will delight with its fresh fruit notes.

Nasty Liq 10mg Nic Salt (Blue Sour Raspberry)

Nasty Liq Blueberry Sour Raspberry delivers a vibrant mix of sweet and tangy berries wrapped in a sour candy finish. The perfect all-day vape for lovers of moreish fruit and candy flavours.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Berry Bull)

Nasty Liq Berry Bull nic salt e-liquid is a stimulating blend of juicy forest berries and tangy energy drink. Revitalise your tastebuds with a fresh burst of lively fruit soda.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Peach Ice)

Nasty Liq Peach Ice delivers a fresh-tasting flavour that is packed with velvety smooth peaches and finished off with a cool hit of ice on the exhale. Enjoy authentic peach flavour chilled to perfection.

Nasty Liq 10ml Nic Salt (Mineral Water)

Nasty Liq Mineral Water is a unique and rejuvenating flavour that captures the clean taste of a glass of refreshing spring water with a light twist of mint and lime. The perfect vape for anyone looking for an easy vape without too much sweetness.