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IVG Salt 10ml (Pina Colada)

The ultimate pina colada cocktail, made with fresh pineapple juice blended with coconut milk topped with fresh cream and shaken with crushed ice. Leaving you with the most authentic pina colada drink, all in one vape.

IVG Salt 10ml (Bubblegum)

That amazing bubblegum taste, which will bring your memories back with a refreshing exhale

Nasty Salt 10ml (Shisha, Green Grape)

Green Grape By Nasty Shisha is the taste of a bunch of fresh juicy grapes with a touch of extra sweetness to make this e-juice a delightful treat.

Nasty Salt 10ml (Sicko Blue, Blue Raspberry)

Sicko Blue By Nasty Salt is the taste of freshly picked blue raspberries combined with a bunch of sweet mixed berries to make a delicious berry explosion.

Nasty Juice Shortfill 50ml 0mg (Green Ape)

Nasty Juice are a Malaysian e liquid company that have reached world wide fame with their range of exotic and fruity juice flavour eliquids. 50ml 0mg

Proper Vape Short Fill 100ml (Berries & Grapes)

The newest line from zeus juice, A great combination of succulent berries and juicy grapes.

Proper Vape Short Fill 100ml (Blueberry Bubblegum)

The newest line from zeus juice, A classic bubblegum infused with ripe bluberries.

Proper Vape Short Fill 100ml (Citrus Drink)

The newest line from zeus juice, Packed full of zing, the bitterness of the lemons and grapefruits is brilliantly balanced.

Proper Vape Short Fill 100ml (Grape Soda)

The newest line from zues juice, a full-bodied grape blends beautifully with the fizziness of the soda.

Proper Vape Short Fill 100ml (Raspberry Sherbet)

The newest line from zeus juice, Ripe raspberries meet fizzy rainbow sherbet in this raspberry sherbet eliquid.

Vampire Vape Nic Salt 10ml (Pinkman)

Pinkman Nic Salts are bursting with a refreshing blend of ripe mixed fruits. This popular flavour has been infused with a combination of fruit which are intense in flavour with a long-lasting nicotine hit. Taste the freshly picked wild mixed fruits with every inhale of Pinkman Nic Salts.

Vampire Vape Nic Salt 10ml (Ice Menthol)

Ice Menthol is a cool minty flavour with a refreshing burst of menthol. The powerful flavours have a sharp, crisp hit and include cooling properties similar to chewing gum. This palette cleansing liquid has a mildly sweet taste, strong flavour and a hard throat hit.